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I usually have a hard time convincing girls to swallow my creations... but now when I have girls over they can't wait to.

I won't lie - I initially got Simple Mixology because I love Simple Pickup, but these videos have helped me increase my close rate 100% with girls. I now feel totally confident and comfortable saying, "Come over for a drink."

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy
8 million Youtube subscribers

Student of Simple Pickup wisdom

Before, when I had girls over, the only thing I offered them was straight vodka, cider from Trader Joe's, or beer. Now I'm impressing them with amazing drinks, and I've never been more successful with women.

The drink Kong made me was the best I've had...I've been to plenty of bars and lounges and I've never tried a drink that good.

Ex-awkward college graduate

Kong's favorite girlfriend

What is Simple Mixology?

It's exactly that: bartending mixology so easy to learn that zero prior experience is necessary. These recipes will blow people away. Never subject a girl to another one of your terrible concoctions.

Separate Yourself.

Separate yourself from every other guy out there. 0.00001% of guys know how to make a good drink. Be that guy.

Be the Life of the Party.

Stop being the awkward wallflower and make a drink that everyone loves.


To put it bluntly. A man who can make a fantastic drink has a 564% higher likelihood of getting laid. Trust us.

The 10 best drinks you'll ever make

Panty Dropper 9000

This drink is also known as the "Panty-Dropper 9000". It is world renowned for it's ability to make women fall in love with the man who concocts it. Make at your own risk.

The 10 best drinks you'll ever make

Sexy and Spicy

Have you ever had sex in a glass? You have no f**cking idea. This sexiness will induce so much pleasure, you'll have to buy new underwear.

The 10 best drinks you'll ever make

The Man's Drink

This is a man's favorite drink. If a girl tries this and enjoys it, she's marriage material. Cheers -- to your future wife!

The 10 best drinks you'll ever make

World's Best Vacation

This isn't your auntie's favorite vacation drink. This is our version. Every sip brings you one step closer to paradise.

The 10 best drinks you'll ever make

Date Night

This is the perfect date night drink. Can you say "pow chika pow wow"? Ok, you didn't actually have to say it.

The 10 best drinks you'll ever make

Jason's Ex-Girlfriend

This drink was inspired by Jason's ex-girlfriend. She was hot, sweet, and a had a little bit of kick to her.

The 10 best drinks you'll ever make

The Summer Drink

This is the perfect summertime drink. Although we must admit we like to drink it in the spring...and autumn...and winter...and right now.

The 10 best drinks you'll ever make

Sweet Surprise

If she wants something "sweet but strong," give her this. Don't be surprised if she gets a bit emotional after taking a sip: those are tears of joy and disbelief.

The 10 best drinks you'll ever make

Holiday Humping

If you bring a batch of this drink to a holiday party, you'll be everyone's favorite. This ish is delish.

The 10 best drinks you'll ever make

Kong's Favorite

This is Kong's favorite drink. Every person that has tried this drink is in awe of how good it tastes. You have to try it to believe it.

Drink Up

Pick a drink.

No matter what she likes, we have a drink for that.

Follow directions.

This will be the most fun class you ever take. Follow along as we guide you to drunk-dom.

Enjoy drink.

Try it out and see if it's as good as we say it is. If it isn't, rewatch the video because you're probably doing something wrong.


Now that you know what you're doing it's time to show off your skills. Call up that hot girl you've been talking to and make a drink for her.

The Best Girls Deserve

The Best Drinks

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